Sign Standoffs

With a few Sign standoffs, at your disposal you can change the look and feel of any room, building or structure. These sign standoffs are perfect for those business sign displays that you can place over your office building or within the office, itself. These signs can help your customers find your building or office as well as give them a firsthand feel for your business. A sign standoff can change your drab sign into a remarkably beautiful one. You will have a unique sign that will capture the attention of everyone who sees it. This means you will be able to attract more customers to your business.

Sign Standoffs

Sign Standoffs Add a 3D Effect

Sign Standoffs: The Importance of standing out in the marketplace

In today’s business world, if you want to succeed you must make your business, service and products stand out in the marketplace. There are dozens of similar businesses, like yours that are springing up every day. What separates those businesses that stay in business from those that don’t? The answer is simply being able to provide your customers with a unique brand and service that they can easily identify. To do so, you must have certain marketing materials at your disposal. One of the best ways to market your brand, service, product, merchandise or business is to invest in some Sign standoffs. These signs standoffs can make your basic looking sign pop and give your business a certain professional look that is invaluable.

Sign Standoffs Spacers: Making your Signs Pop

Sign Standoffs

Sign Standoffs from

Similarly to the business throwing a social function or event needs to have certain components that make it stand out and more attractive. If you are throwing a party and want to invite as many people as possible then it is important that your party has something that makes it stand off. With Sign Standoff Spacers you can change the overall feel and look of any sign that you put up. Signs make great place markers for parties and other social events. This can help make your party stand out and more attractive to the eye. These standoffs also help make your sign look more professional.

Sign Standoffs: How they help

Sign Standoffs help by adding a three dimensional effect to your signs and posting. With the different arrays of screws and signing these standoffs, literally make your signs pop off the surface of the wall. This is a great attention getter for any business or personal need. Those that are walking or driving past them will instantly take notice of the sign and be intrigued by it. This is a great marketing strategy that is very cheap and cost effective. Most standoffs cost around five to six bucks, but if you search hard enough you can find online companies that sell them for even cheaper. These little screws can change the overall look of your signing and really wow your customers! So if you are looking for a way to spruce up your signage then consider buying a sign standoff.

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Custom Banners and Signs for the Outdoors

The lifeblood of every single company in the world, the need for effective and worthwhile marketing and advertising has never been more important than it is today. Our modern times have seen the cost of opening and running a business drop dramatically, and competition is fierce – and when you combine that with the simple fact that the crippled economy has put a strain on businesses, you need every single advantage you can muster to get ahead.
And while there are a million and one different tools that you can use to gain those kind of advantages, there are some that are often overlooked – especially in our increasingly high tech world. Most people are looking to move their marketing online, which has opened up an incredible opportunity for people to tap into the more tried and true methods of marketing (like outdoor banners, custom flags, and signs) to give themselves an edge.


You see, we’re constantly bombarded by marketing from all sides on a near constant basis – but most of it is digital. We hear commercials on the radio, we see ads on TV, and our email inbox’s are stuffed to the brim with so much junk mail it’s called spam now. But offline, especially in the outdoor banners and signs arena, we don’t see nearly as much. This gives us the chance to stake our claim in uncharted waters, cutting through the clutter and allowing for strategic marketing – we can drive people right into our stores. But you need to make sure you are doing it correctly, or things can backfire dramatically.

Outdoor marketing can be a tricky thing to try and master – but with smart planning and execution you could boost the traffic to your stores as well as conversion rates dramatically

When you choose to use custom banners and vinyl banners for your marketing efforts, you are making a conscious choice to drive local traffic to your locations. Also for indoor use you can use banners on retractable banner stands to entice your customers inside your business. And much like the billboard world, location is everything when it comes to banners and signs – too far away from your location and you can kiss sales goodbye, but too close and people won’t be able to read the message on the custom banners before it’s too late, causing them to drive on by. You need to be strategic with your vinyl banner planning – but not just with the location. You’ll also have to make sure you keep your message tight and simple, with as few words as possible – making it safe and effective for people driving by.

Choosing between the different banners and signs that are on the market can be a difficult decision, especially when you consider the fact that every single component of your marketing needs to have a positive return on investment in this down economy

The other great thing about custom banners and signs is the fact that you can expect to get an amazing return on your investment – highly durable and of the finest quality, these are inexpensive tools that have an evergreen appeal. Withstanding the elements with zero problems at all, with a bit of proper maintenance you can expect to leverage these marketing pieces for years to come.

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Water Element Dreaming

For at least the last three months I have been dreaming about water. To explain the significance of this is that I am one of those people who would turn around to you and say “oh yer, I never dream”, even though I know technically that everyone dreams. But these last few months I have been having the clearest dreams about water. Most of them follow the same crazy theme, each time I have to complete a sort of water obstacle course, where I have to swim, wade and fend off watery creatures to reach the end. Sometimes it is a race with other people and sometimes it is just for me to complete, and I always wake before the finish line. Last nights dream was the first time I have had a change of scenario with my water theme. In it I was having a shower in the middle of a round about, with cars driving around me, I was naked but keep thinking surely I wouldn’t be doing this if they could see me.
Now from what I have read dreaming about water is meant to be related to your spirituality, so with the obstacle course dreams, I can relate them to the struggle I have sometimes to find time or space for my mediation and rituals and my subconscious telling me I need to get my focus together if I ever want to progress further on my path. Every time I have one of these a little light goes on in my head saying stop procrastinating, get out there and do it. As for last nights new revelation, I have been thinking that I could be relating to sometimes being self conscious about how others react if they new my beliefs and the ways I honour them. I have been thinking a lot about how when my partner and I get a own house in a few months I will be able to set up a little grove outside and have a meditation room and altar for inside. Does anyone else seem to have dreams that urge them to continue there path?

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Finding the Best Wedding Photographers in Arizona

There will most likely never be a day as special and memorable as your wedding day – and to guarantee that you’re able to keep and share those special memories, you deserve only the very best wedding photographers in Arizona. Here are a couple of things to focus on to make sure you special day turns out perfect!


Today’s powerful and inexpensive cameras and photography tools have made it possible for anyone to claim they are the best Scottsdale wedding photography business – but you need more than fancy gear to preserve something as special as a wedding. Make sure your photographers are experienced pros who know how to get the kind of shots you want.


The best Arizona wedding photography professionals will have a blemish free reputation. You’ll not only want to make sure that they can take the quality pictures you expect but also will provide them promptly and professionally.

There are multiple options for the best wedding photographers for your special day, but none are able to come close to the professionalism and experience that Patchwork Photography can provide. When it comes to capturing your special day in the most memorable way, you need – and deserve – the very best.

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Uses of Retractable Banners for Your Business

Advertising is an important aspect of any business for obvious reasons.  Advertising is meant to catch the attention of potential customers and persuade them to purchase your products or services.  While there are a wide variety of potential advertising avenues such as newspapers, radio, and the internet, physical advertising is often a great way to reach a wider range of customers and increase your business’s visibility.  Retractable banners and retractable display stands can be a great way that catches the attention of viewers.  Below are four uses of retractable banners and retractable banner stands for your business.

33″ Retractable Banner Stands From

Trade Shows

One of the primary ways of gaining new business and letting potential customers know you’re out there is by attending trade shows and setting up a booth.  Retractable banners on retractable banner stands are a great visual aspect to add to your booth.  Retractable banners come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and often the bigger the better.  You can prominently display your logo and information that is pertinent to your target audience.  When choosing a banner size for your trade show booth be sure to take into consideration the size your retractable banner stands or retractable display stands are built for.


Unlike trade shows, the purpose of a convention is often to share information rather than sell your product or service.  However, a convention is a great place to show off your knowledge in your industry and will likely lead to sales regardless of the primary purpose of the convention.  When giving a presentation at a convention, graphics are likely to play a large roll.  Banners on retractable banner stands are easy to travel with and can provide you with a physical display to interact with during your presentation.

In-Store Promotions

You’ve likely seen a variety of types of advertising stands in many stores you shop in and for good reason.  In-store advertising stands provide a great benefit for the business in that it draws the customer’s attention to current promotions.  Retractable display stands take this one step further by providing a large graphic displayed in the center of the store ensuring that customers know about the promotion.  A primary benefit of retractable display stands is that they can be dismantled and carried to any location in the store.

Window Displays

Retractable banners are great not only for in-store promotions but also to catch a passerby’s attention.  One of the benefits of window banners is that they do not require the additional cost of retractable banner stands or retractable display stands.  As such, you can have a banner printed that will fit nicely into your shop windows.  This will let anyone passing by know that there is currently a promotion or sale on in your store.  It is also a great place to feature images that will evoke an emotional response from people.  An emotional response is what drives advertising as it is what drives people to purchase products.  Utilize this in your retractable banner displays and you’ll be sure to increase traffic coming into your store.


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Salsa for the superbowl

Over 10 lbs of various tomatoes, Couple lbs of various peppers including Habanero, Jalapeno, sweet red Fresnos, Long Hot Thai, onion, lime, cilantro… Not even everything!

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